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KC Visuals - Kyle Clark

About Us

Kyle Clark

​I'm a drone and ground videographer that specialises in promotional & commercial videos and event coverage, I also cover other areas from creative projects, social media, YouTube videos and video editing. I want to take you on a journey through the world of cinematic visuals. I can be involved from start to finish. Whether I'm flying or filming to editing, and delivering the final product to enhance your experience.

I fell in love with drones when my friend brought his on a camping trip. I bought my first one shortly after, buying a DJI mini 1. I used any and all opportunities to fly and immerse myself in the technology to produce better videos. I would take the drone on holidays around the UK, walks in the countryside and began filming videos for car enthusiasts.

The next step on my journey was creating promotional and commercial content for brands and companies to help increase their awareness and reach to customers. My love for this is large  as after a heavy day of filming to then sit and edit creating the videos for my clients. 

I love animals can not wait to have my own dog (border collie) that I can take hiking and camping with us. Yes they will have there own section on the about page!

Discovering how much I enjoyed the whole process I decided to turn my passion into a business. 

KC Visuals

KC Visuals

We built KC Visuals as a company for experienced drone & ground Videographers who are passionate about capturing unique moments with their signature style.


We began our venture into videography in 2021 and became committed to improving our skills to make professional videos.

We are a digital content creation company that specialises in creating videos that transform your website and social media platforms. Increasing your reach to your customers in turn increasing sales and profit. 


We capture poignant and profound moments with a creative twist to draw the interest of your clients making dive deeper into your company.


The goal is to create all the required videos so your clients understand your message. From promotional videos, video testimonials, FAQs, product launches, explainer videos & much more.


Having this content gives you a further reach into the world going from local to global! Drawing in new leads and improving sales to help generate more income.


Let's take your company to the next level!


This is the KC Visuals experience as its not just about giving you the product, Its about creating an environment that our clients feel comfortable in and walk away with a smile on their face having professional videos of the work they're proud of.


A picture tells a 1000 stories but video only tells one story... YOUR STORY!

kc visuals - anna wheeler

Anna Wheeler

Hi there! My name is Anna, I have experience in modelling and love to help our clients feel comfortable and confident in any service we offer. Whether it is a promotional shoot for your company or headshots for your employees.

I pride myself on my confidence, friendliness and ability to think creatively. 

I have a support role in the company and oversee a lot of the work we do, from quality checking the editing process and final product to assisting in brainstorming and spotting for Kyle as he is flying.

I studied Sports Therapy(BSc) at university and worked in clinical settings before chronic fatigue arose. I can often apply my knowledge of anatomy, problem solving and how things work to many situations and apply myself easily when it comes to understanding people and their various projects.

I began modelling when I first started dealing with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I found it was a good way to boost my confidence, creatively challenge myself and it quickly became a passion. I have done lots of photoshoots in various styles, walked in fashion shows and extras work. 

When shooting I want all of our clients to feel happy, confident and most importantly at ease. I find that this creates the best environment for our clients to come away feeling both happy with the experience we have provided and satisfied with the work we produce.

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